Samsung WMG150 Wireless Media Player

Samsung WMG150


Chances are you’ve not seen this yet but one lucky dude has been using Samsung’s WMG150 Wireless player and even videoed it for our perusal. It’s a nifty little gadget that basically connects to a TV or PC monitor and the user can relay images, videos and even office documents from his phone to a larger screen. The player can decode HD content up to 720p and can also play DivX and Xvid files. It is DLNA certified and has Wi-Fi, which means any Wi-Fi equipped gadget can be used along with WMG150.

If we’re speaking of Samsung phones – Omnia, Jet, Omnia HD, Omnia 2 and all the new ones with Wi-Fi should work just fine.

The video poster says it connects through HDMI but I presume it should have other A/V connectivity options too.

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