Meizu M8 to launch in December


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Meizu M8’s launch speculation will come to an end soon. Taiwan based distribution company, Geek IT Stores has taken up the mantle to launch Meizu’s so-called iPhone Killer with ‘complete fanfare’ in the Chinese market which will be followed up with Indian market.

Confirming with Amit Nayak, the Channel Sales head, he said that the 8GB model will launch in the first week of December at a price ranging between Rs. 18,000 ($384) – Rs. 22,000 ($469).


3.2-inch LCD screen
Windows CE
3 megapixel camera
Music Player
FM Tuner
3D Surround Sound

UPDATE: The image below was sent to me by the distribution company which seems like a press shot. There are visible differences between both these images like the removal of Skip forward/backward buttons, location of the camera, loudspeakers and the single tone color.

Press Release

Worth a read


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  1. Nilesh Patel says

    None of the Rights to market Meizu M8 has been issued by Meizu to any of the international companies or Brands not even to us at “i-Next” or to Geek IT Stores…”i-Next” is the only brand in India to resell or distribute Meizu products in India, and we confirm this news that none of the rights have be allotted to us or to Geek IT Stores.

  2. says is the official launch partner in India, already 1900 people have registered on website.Please visit

    Some people claim that I-next is the company, that is FALSE & baloney. Inext has no retail presence in India, only ex-employees of Geek.

  3. Nilesh Patel says

    i-Next belongs to SUDARSHAN firm registered as a partnership firm mainly dealing in Jeweleries and Diamonds, diverted to Electronics by the Grace of Mr.Amit Nayak ex.CEO of Geek IT Stores, Sudarshan has some due’s pending from Amit Nayak which is still unpaid and uncleared by Nayak. Amit Nayak has no License to market or use Meizu for the personal or for the company benefits without having permission of Meizu or it’s Indian distributors SUDARSHAN. Mr.Nayak please pay your balance due’s first and then claim whatever you want to, stop using name of Meizu & your non registered domain of Meizu M8 in public for your personal benefits or we will have to move the case to the court legally. If you have any rights to use Meizu or their products then show it in the public with the Registration of Geek IT Stores what you have been claiming a Taiwanese company which is not. Stop cheating innocent Indians..Those 1900 peoples have registered on the non registered website of Meizu M8 are Innocent Indians they have no idea about the Geek or is that really Freak ???

  4. Nilesh says

    Geek It Stores has well said that we have no retail presence in India it is true that we don’t have any retail presence and we nor need that. Who we are is we belong to a Diamond trading company from Surat, company registered in the name of “SUDARSHAN” currently holds the rights to sell the Meizu in India exclusively. Who is GEKK IT STORES?? Said to be CEO Mr.Amit Nayak an ex employee with no experience of business but works in a corporate way looking to cheat innocent peoples. Who has baloney ?? Hacking report has been filed again Amit Nayak on 18th December 2008 as well as threat given saying he will destroy us personally. Whom people of India trust? A hacker or a reputed Diamond firm with the clean white collars? Those 1900 peoples have registered on Meizu M8 website is a false website belongs to Amit Nayak and not by Meizu. Registrants are innocent Indians..Jaago Grahak Jaago. Ask the GEEK franchise in NCR, Hydrabad, Nagpur, Jaipur, Vashi,Vasai..They are all crying. for their contact details please call: 0261 305 3415 “i-Next”, “D” Block,ITC, MAjura Gate, Ring Road, SURAT – email:

  5. Nilesh Patel says

    Dear All:
    We would like to make clear that in India Meizu products are only available & distributed in India through “SUDARSHAN” and their Brands “i-Next” & “Pyramid India Sales”. Please note any Meizu available without any proper channel other then this are not authorised to sell Meizu products in India at present. We at “SUDARSHAN” are completely liable to provide distribution, marketing , after sales and all type of technical service supports in Indian market. We are committed to provide the best service in the Indian market by supplying Meizu products in a proper channels.

    We have recently found that Amit Nayak has been marketing “Meizu” and “Meizu M8′ in the name of “GEEK IT STORES”^ & “GIZMO GURU” on which are totally unauthorised for sell, market , distribute or to provide services. “Meizu” has not given any rights of certificates to market or to take any bookings of “Meizu M8” in the Indian market to any one including us or none of the marketing certificates have been given to Amit Nayak. It is advisable to all “Meizu” fans in India to make the proper purchase of your “Meizu” products only from the proper channel.

    Our warranty policy at “SUDARSHAN” limits to “One Year Replacement”*
    *Terms & Conditions apply.

    211,”D” Block,
    ITC Towers, Majura Gate,
    Ring Road, SURAT – 395002 (INDIA)
    Ph: +91 261 305 3415
    (M):+91 99094 37799,
    (24hrs): +91 97261 74105

  6. Nilesh Patel says

    inextsurat @ Mar 26th 2009 1:46PM

    “i-Next” India’s first ever brand to start retails of the latest electronic gadgets such as Netbook computers, Handheld Windows Device, Multi Touch Windows Phone, PMP, Pocket size DLP Projectors other then mobile phones or appliances. Start up your own business with investing as minimum as 500,000.00 Rupees with assured margin of near to 15%, why to invest money on Stock market or to make a Bank deposits ? All products latest and never seen in market with One Years assured replacement guaranty. Be smart start your own Business.

    What do we support in marketing our brand?: We support in marketing and floating our brand with Brochures, Coloured catalogs, Stickers of the Brand, Banners, Posters, Standies and all the types of visible activities which can promote and boost the sells in your store and you can earn more profits.

    “i-Next” India’s first ever brands who has started the first store in Surat withe India’s first ever launched of (SRS)chip based MP3 player which gives a feel of theater surround sound, they are the first to launch Digital Video glasses for the personal entertainments which also be used for the games with PS2,Nintendo Wii,Xbox.etc.

    “i-Next” still remains the best platform for making good money through obtaining their franchise as they are still bringing more and more products in their product line one in every two months. Own a franchise which suits your criteria, cheap China mobile market has now come to an end place for making good amount of money, we offer you a high quality Windows mobiles, Blackberry mobiles be proud and smart businessman.

    Be a Co-Brand of Worlds renowned and most awaited “Meizu M8”.

    (complete marketing solutions provided by Meizu & i-Next in India)

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    Get Smart and start making money from day one.

    Locations open for Co-Branded stores of Meizu at:

    NCR (2), Hyderabad (2), Banglore (2), Pune (2), Navi Mumbai & Mumbai (5), Ahmedabad (2), Kolkata (3), Nagpur (1), Nasik (1).

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