Intel’s Metro Notebook Concept for the ladies

Metro Notebook


Here is a conceptual notebook from Intel which is dubbed as the Metro Notebook. The notebook is specifically targeted towards the fairer sex because of its sleek design, lightweight and can be carried over the shoulder eliminating the use of bags. The laptop measures around 0.7 inches in thickness and has a non volatile color e-ink display on the outer shell which can display some contacts, e-mails or any other important communication. It will be powered by Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor, supports wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMax but incase you have a wired connection, you can use it with a dock. Lastly, Intel pointed out that it will have a pad on which the notebook can be placed for charging.

There is no word yet if this concept would turn into reality but nonetheless keep your fingers crossed. Hit the read more link to view one more pic.


Metro Notebook 1


[Via Register]

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  1. it looks feminin

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