Gadget for your Ears



If you think earbuds are not enough to keep your ears clean then this maybe for you. A gadget which has a camera and light attached to see deep into your ears and a viewer to view it. The Japanese translation seems to be weird but we are assuming it has the ability to clean your ears too.


It weighs 130 grams and is made from anti-bacterial ABS resin, glass and stainless steel. Priced at 10500 Yen ($90) it surely is for those who needs hygiene in a tech way. You can find it here.

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  1. Where can this be purchased in the U.S.? Would like to try one in our medical practice for ears, noses, maybe even throat. Thanks, Dr. Easton

  2. Can this be purchased online?

  3. @Wendy it can be purchased. check out the product page

  4. hcmiller says:

    is there a page (in english) where this can be purchased?

  5. victor lebron says:

    I need to buy this unit

    where and how can I buy it

  6. the page is not in english but you can translate it via google.

  7. hey Dr. Easton
    I have some interesting project to show you


  8. I wondered if anyone had figured out where I could buy one of these things. There’s no way I can order from the Japanese site, even after translation,


  9. Project OYFBYC says:

    I want to get one as well. If anyone has found out how to buy one in North America, please let me know.

  10. Joe Redd says:

    Has anyone figured out how to order this prouct? I really want to ty it out very soon. If anyone can help me transalte Japanese I really would be thankful. Maybe I ought to take a trip to Japan , no I have no vacation ime left . I just hope this is not a scam because it could really be a great product for someone like myself who has to pay the doctor for ear wax build up. If anyone has any info e-mail me thanks in advance.

  11. I want an English link to buy this product, it’s something else!

  12. Hopefulskeptic says:

    ……and how can someone in London, UK, get hold of one? Its a must have gizmo!

  13. I am in Japan and can get it! says:

    Check out user name customretro on Ebay, or contact me at I will sell for £70 plus postage.

  14. Dr. Drill says:

    May I advise the patients that this is why we educate ear doctors, for them to look into our ears, for the removal of the dirt we pushed all the way into the canal. Whats next, a do it your self bypass kit?

  15. Great information it’s very useful for me, thank’s!

  16. Keep up the good work, great article!

  17. Rodolfo Kintanar says:

    Where is it available in the Philippines? How about after sales service in the Philippines?

  18. Absolutely fantastic mind blowing thing

  19. WHERE??????????????

    Gdamn these people are overwhelming idiots!

    What kind of company has no idea whatsoever towards marketing their damn product????

    Based on their stupidity alone, probably best to avoid this product.


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