UltraSlim Samsung X828



Blame it on Motorola when they launched one of the slimmest phone series with L6 and L7. Now it seems to be the latest trend among mobile phone companies to produce sleek phones with maximum features. Then came VK2020 and the current slim title holder is the KTF’s EV-K100. Though it is still unofficial, PcOnline has published pictures of the unreleased X828. Its thickness is just 6.9mm and beats the current slim phone, EV-K100 by 1mm.

The specs are that it has a 262k color screen, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, 2MP camera and 80MB internal memory. More pics after the jump.

[Via iDNES]






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  1. Lothar de Decker says:

    Das Samsung X828 ist entsprechend seiner sehr schlanken Form wirklich gut unterzubringen. Xcute S50 mit 6 Mega-Pixel-Kamera aber zeigt, wohin der Weg führt: Kaum dicker, werden – wenn die Optik entsprechend gut ist – Fotos und Filme qualitativ so gut, dass mann wirklich seine Freude daran hat. 10 bis 12 Megapixel werden vermutlich bald Standard sein. Wenn alle anderen Features ebenso gut werden, wird man sich “normale” Digital-Kameras bald sparen können.

    The very thin Samsung X828 is easily to be put in ones pocket – great, but Xcute S50 with 6 megapixel camera seems to show the way how the future will work: Nearly the same size, it will make real fun in regarding photos and films, when the optic is okay. If all other features are fine as well, who than will miss “normal” digital-cameras?

  2. Craig Schrotenboer says:

    amazing stuff thanx :)

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