Samsung Zipel e-Diary refrigerator boasts Wi-Fi, 10-inch display

Samsung Zipel e-Diary


We don’t really cover refrigerators here but it’s too hard to ignore this latest offering from Samsung. This refrigerator from the multinational has been unveiled in its home market and it sports a 10-inch touchscreen LCD display (we’re surprised Samsung didn’t go with AMOLED!) and interestingly, Wi-Fi.

The Zipel e-Diary uses the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet or DLNA devices and allow users to take notes, add entries to Google Calendar, retrieve news and weather content or even show nutritional content of over 500 food items from various cuisines. The display also doubles up as a digital photo frame and can show images wirelessly on the screen or users can attach a memory card to it.

Samsung’s going for the uber rich crowd here and will charge a hefty 2.49 million won or $2170.

[Via Samsung Hub]


  1. Someone/anyone could stick wiffiti ( on it as a family bulletin board.

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