India’s $10 laptop will be revealed on Feb 3

India laptop


Last year, India caught everyone’s attention by announcing a laptop that would cost just $10 to own, but later made a redaction of the statement by saying it was $100. The latest happening is that the first figure was indeed true. The government will display a prototype of the Rs. 500 ($10) laptop in Tirupati on February 3 when the ICT department will launch its National Mission on Education.

As of now, only few features are known like the Wi-Fi, LAN, expandable memory which we assume is the storage and not RAM and will operate with just 2 watt of power.

[Via DNA]


  1. rajhbullhead says:


  2. alice naylor says:

    if this £10 laptop gets on the market, which l doubt very much it will, because all rip off merchants who have a strangle hold on the computer market :ie All the big names. They would go down faster than Gorden Brown would if there was an election. No way will,or can they, allow this to happen. But if they do .Can someone tell me where to send my order to,but l won’t hold my breath

  3. Will this work with my iPod Touch?

  4. My mouse is much more expensive then this notebook.
    This is a mission impossible,And they did it.

  5. Pierre F. Lherisson says:

    India might be able to manufacture their $ 10- or $ 20- laptops because it has the industrial infrastructure.
    This breakthrough will help eradicates illiteracy throughout the third world;it will raise the intellectual horizon of the masses and might have some far reaching consequences in every sphere.

  6. hehe.. this was a big prank by indian government buddies. Its not even a laptop…

  7. Guys ,can you think of a laptop with a 10$ budget.
    Even for the HP mini the cost of a low model one is around 200 + dollars and few features.
    The 10$ so called thing might be a net book just to browse and do very miniscule jobs ..
    I think it might be helpful for school going kids
    Don’t think this is for real…

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