Costliest Phone Ever: Motorola SLVR



Motorola’s SLVR just got more expensive than Vertu. Motorola’s SLVR phone had been outlined with 260 diamonds which had been brought proportionally from all parts of the globe and also with platinum plates which made it to cost around $75000. That’s very expensive and was shown at the Fresh Art “Zoom” Exhibition. More pics after the jump.




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  2. paraLysis says:

    that is not the coolest phone ever. Its the biggest waste of money even for someone that can easily afford it. The only person I could ever fucking see waste their money on that is one of those jungle-monkeys that throw around there money.

  3. Delano says:

    WOW thats cool the costliest phone ever,whic is the most costliest nokia phone ever.

  4. costliest nokia phone is 8800 with gold. u can find it here. just search it.

  5. Excentricity… :>

  6. chandan says:

    what the fucking moblie is this….i just wonder what else more the phone will show ,if it is added with a few diamonds and platinum plates…

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