Intel Core M Reference Tablet Hands-on


Like ever year, Intel India hosted the Intel Technology & Innovation Tour that showcases Intel’s latest innovations. I have been attending the tour for the past couple of years and quite frankly, this year seems to be a good one for Intel considering the number of products displayed from a number of global players like […]

BlackBerry Passport Hands-on


Earlier today, BlackBerry announced their Passport device for India and we managed to get a brief hands-on to see if the BlackBerry phone with a square display is worth the attention. The first thing you’ll notice with the Passport is its design. BlackBerry India’s Gautam Shah says the phone has been inspired by an actual […]

Asus Chromebox Review

Asus Chromebox Review

As an operating system, Chrome OS holds a lot of promise. The OS is fast and requires very little resources, making it a perfect companion for a laptop. But is it enough to lure desktop users? Asus introduced their Chromebox in the Indian market last month and the box tries to play with the Chrome […]

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review

For a relatively new brand, Xiaomi had a perfect entry into the Indian market. The Mi3 sold like hot cakes on Flipkart and even captured the attention of naysayers who were generally against devices from Chinese companies. Redmi 1S is latest device that went on sale last week and similar to the Mi3, the Redmi […]

Logitech X100 Portable Speaker Review

Logitech X100

Logitech has a decent range of computer speakers but today we’re taking a look at the X100, its latest portable speakers targeted at tablet and mobile phone users. The X100 is a compact speaker that boasts a disc-shaped design and a rubberized body, which would give you an impression of the speakers being waterproof but […]

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

India is known to be a price sensitive market and though we’ve got Rs. 50,000 devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, entry-level and mid-range market is a totally different ball game. The success here, depends on how well the features are packed and most importantly, at what price? Motorola tasted success in the segment with […]

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

Kingston MobileLite Wireless

The external storage market for mobile devices has grown exponentially since Kingston first came out with the Wi-Drive few years back. We’ve got OTG solutions and wireless storage solution from Seagate, Kingston and the ilk and today we take a look at Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless reader. The first-generation MobileLite Wireless has a very neat and […]

Seagate Backup Plus Fast 4TB

Seagate Backup Plus Fast

A 3.5-inch external HDD is generally the way to go if you’re looking for terabytes of storage space. Seagate, however, wants to change this with the Backup Plus Fast. The new external HDD not only comes in a compact chassis but also boasts a fast USB 3.0 interface. While able to store data is the […]

Philips Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar


We recently reviewed the LG SoundPlate that aimed to bring superior sound quality in a compact form factor. But this time, we’re taking a look at Philips’ Fidelio HTL9100 that is completely opposite to LG’s offering in terms of physical space. Does it deliver? Let’s find out. At a first glance, the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 […]

Epson EH-TW8200 Projector


We reviewed the Epson EH-TW5200 back in March and today we take a look at its elder sibling – EH-TW8200. This projector is targeted at home theatre users but does it deliver to be the ultimate home theatre solution? Let’s find out. The design of EH-TW8200 is simple and streamlined. The lens on the front […]

Gionee Elife E7

Gionee Elife E7 Review

Gionee, the new entrant to the mobile phone market for sure wants to grab some market share in the Indian mobile industry. They have been actively airing their TVCs to target the Indian audience. However, not everything that is marketed well, sells. Gionee believes in this and have delivered devices that really give renowned Android […]

PowerSafe PB 10400mAh Battery Pack

PowerSafe PB 10400

Head over to any online retailer website and you’ll find the website beaming with battery packs in all sizes, capacity and price. The latest entrant to the burgeoning power bank market is PowerSafe’s range of power bank. The range consists of three battery packs – PB 5600, PB 8400 and PB 10400 with the numbers, […]

LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2 Logo

LG has a clear strategy as far as smartphones are concerned. The G series will take on the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S series and competitive devices while the G Pro will assume the ‘phablet’ role to take on the successful Galaxy Note range. While LG found some success with the LG G2, G Pro […]

Just Mobile Gum++

Just Mobile Gum++

Battery packs are available aplenty but you don’t find many battery backup devices to be aesthetically pleasing as the ones being offered by Just Mobile. Today we take a look at the Gum++ that builds on the company’s Gum line of battery packs. Just Mobile has designed this Gum++ a bit differently compared to what […]

LG LAP340 SoundPlate

LG logo

Majority of the televisions available today prioritise picture quality over sound and rightly so because you don’t base your television purchase for its audio quality. Sound Bars tend to address this audio issue but then it does take some space. LG’s LAP340 SoundPlate on the other hand, promises to solve this with its slim, under-the-TV […]