New Nokia N8 pictures hint at 32GB variant, removable battery



The Nokia N8 that was recently unveiled features 16GB internal memory but if the picture from SaudiMac is to be believed, we might have a 32GB variant soon after. The folks at the Mac-centric site happened to get their hands on the device that had the box claiming N8-00/32GB. While it may be easy to rule out that the 32GB reference was related to max. limit of microSD support, it seems highly unlikely. The post and the pictures have been removed now that somewhat proves the legitimacy.

On the other hand, another N8 prototype was found in the hands of an ArabNokia forum user who showed us the battery slot of the N8. The battery is not exactly user-removable but is easy to remove if you do away with the two screws on the side.

[Via Engadget]


  1. sanket says:

    when will it be available ??

    and what will be its price ??

  2. ah it wll be avlabl in d 3rd quarter, it is priced at rs23,500 i think

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