Mobile phone battery explosion kills a man

Mobile Phone Batteries


Sadly, this isn’t the first time we are hearing an incident like this. A guy working at a Lenovo shop in Guangzhou, China was recently killed after his mobile phone battery exploded. The phone was placed in his shirt pocket and the sudden phone explosion injured the major artery of his neck, leaving him in a pool of blood.

The other colleague working at the shop said that the victim had bought a new battery for his phone and kept in his pocket after recharging it.

The phone’s make and battery is not revealed but this case highly points out to the use of unbranded batteries.

[Via Asiaone]

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  1. kelvin magwar says

    Sorry to the family of the deceased, however, China is now becoming too much and notorious for fake, sub-standard and dangerous industrial goods it is flooding the market with.

    I think the death of the man should be a lesson to the Chinese Government that if you dig a hole, you fall in it and now its own people/citizens paying taxes in the very not upright country are now shouldering the burden.

  2. foneb0i says

    What an awful thing to happen but this doesn’t really surprise me. The quality of some products comming out of China is just appauling. I work with mobile phones too and I’ve had unbranded Hong Kong AC chargers where the charger has forcefully blown apart after about 10 seconds of use. For a country that is supposed to be leading the world in technology their quality control standards are pathetic.

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