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This pic shows the Volkswagen’s new storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is a 20 storey one, inexpensive, less time consuming to retrieve a car and takes only 20% of the space as compared to the storage facility in US.

Collecting your new car is an event in itself: In a fully automated procedure, your new car is brought down to you from one of the 20-story Car Towers. Large signboards in the Customer Center show you when your turn has come. Then, you’re handed the keys, your picture is taken, the glass doors open and your brand-new car appears. You’re all set to go.

[Via Cool Hunter]

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  1. Liam Riordan says:

    That is pretty sweet, an experience in its own in gaining a new car. I wonder if this will be available for public or private parking in the foreseeable future?

  2. how much mister , this beautiful tower

  3. is exportable the magnific structure adjunt for us

  4. What happens when someone hides in the trunk and takes a ride up lol.

  5. 20 Stories! That’s a lotta VW’s. We may see a scaled down version for parking someday but not a 20 story parking garage.

  6. Possibly the coolest thing ever. I have always imagined garages/stores like this.

    Now I gotta start working on getting one for my house….

  7. Nice idea as long as there is no earthquake. Image tons of cars falling to the center one after one when a huge earthquake occurs… Oh, I’m evil.

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